Leaving Canada after applying for Sponsorship


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I'm an Italian citizen, and with my partner, a Canadian citizen, we're about to send the application for the sponsorship, work permit included.

I have long needed to return to Italy for at least one month for medical examinations, but I couldn't in the past months because I was still working, and I thought I could go now after sending the application and also asking the IRCC call center they said there was no problem in doing so, as long as I would show proof of the application.

But then I looked through the internet and everywhere it's highly advised not to leave in the for months, and I really don't understand what's the point.
If they want to be sure that I'm currently living in Canada with my partner and that is what I'm going to go, isn't the round-trip ticket enough as proof? Or my medical appointments in Italy?
I have no choice but to stay here in limbo, while waiting - hopefully - for the work permit? I can't believe it is SO strict.

If I can't leave after sending the application, should I leave now and sending the application once I'll be back?

Thank you

Riley Haas

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In normal, non-pandemic times, if you travel with your partner, there is no issue. Traveling without your partner is viewed with greater suspicion. (As people have said, you want to have proof of the submitted application.)

I'm not sure how the pandemic affects this.

However, if the medical appointments must occur in Italy then you can probably use sometime of medical letter as proof that you need to travel.