Live in caregiver


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Hi Riley,

I have posted the question listed below in the "Inland sponsorship" forum as a reply to our previous discussion. It may give you more detail in term of answering my question. I have posted it here as well since it relates to the caregiver status. Thanks!

"Hello Riley,

I had previously inquired about the procedure for an inland sponsorship for my girlfriend who is from Macedonia. You were a great help and answered all my questions. However, we are quite young and were wondering if there is any other way she would be able to live here in Canada, and go to school, without us having to get married right away. This is where I thought of the live in caregiver option.

Do you think that would be a feasible thing given the situation i described before? What are the requirements to be a live in caregiver? My grandparents are very old and do need some live in help. and my parents said they could be the employer and sign whatever papers necessary. Would she be able to apply and receive the live in caregiver visa based on the information you know and I have explained to you over the previous posts? If she were to get it, how does that work? Is she able to go to school? And how long does the visa last? Thanks,