Looking for Immigration Advice on Behalf of a Friend


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Hi everyone,

I am a Canadian Citizen and I am looking for some Immigration Advice for my friend. He is from the Philippines, and he is about to finish his 1-year certificate here from Canadore College in North Bay, ON. He really wants his PR. It's quite a rollercoaster ride because he kept on changing his mind because he is unsure on where to go. Anyway, so here's his situation:

  • he is aware that he will be getting a 1-year PGWP
  • he recently signed a job offer as a dietary aide in Halifax (although, he is unsure if he wants to go there, due to personal reasons)
  • he supposed to be in a 2-year program, but changed to 1-year program before September 2018
  • looked at different options such as the Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, etc.
  • we're not blood related (I know that's not related to the situation, but in case if anyone is wondering)
  • came into Canada with a 2-year student visa
I was looking around for an Immigration Consultant to find answers,, but of course, they all involve fees. So to sum it up, how can he become a Permanent Resident in Canada if he only has a 1-year PGWP and 1 year left in his student visa?

Thanks so much in advance!