lost RBA what need for citizenship certificate


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I lost the original of my Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad (I do have an uncertified copy and the original of the letter basically stating - Here is your certificate). Therefore, I am applying for a Citizenship Certificate (1st time) and need to know whether:
1. Question 2 - Have you ever had a certificate of Canadian citizenship? Is an RBA considered a certificate of Canadian citizenship?

2. Which scenario do I use for documentation purposes?
Scenario 1? - what do I submit? I only have an uncertified copy of my RBA.
or Scenario 3 should I send the copy of my RBA?

Thanks for your help as Service Canada was no help.

Riley Haas

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Hi there,
Have you tried calling IRCC instead of Service Canada? (1-888-242-210)
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[*]I don't know whether or not it would be considered a certificate of citizenship. I assume not, but that is just a guess.
[*]I don't know what the "scenario" refers to - you're asking about a specific question on the application? I would say that if you are going to submit your copy of the registration of birth abroad, make a copy first.
Hope this helps.