Multiple citizenship, any risks for my Canadian one?


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I am Brazilian born, Canadian by naturalization and I have lived in Europe for a few years now. I do have the possibility to get a third citizenship (Italian) by marriage or British (as I'm a permanent resident in the UK for long enough) if I'd like to. That sounds interesting at the moment and would make my life a bit easier.

That said, I wouldn't give up on either BRA/CAN citizenship. I do have plans to go back to Canada at some point and I have family in Brazil and go back there quite often. I know Brazil does not care about multiple citizenship (in fact it won't recognize them as far as I know), but I don't know the rules in Canada. If I naturalize as a British citizen, would I be going against the law or jeopardizing my CAN citizenship in any way? And if I get the Italian (through marriage), would it be any different?

Thank you very much!

Riley Haas

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Canada doesn't get care about multiple citizenships either. You're fine to naturalize in the UK and get married and get sponsored for Italian citizenship.