NOC 2173 Roles and Responsibilities


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I have taken the following 2 NOCs for Job Code 2173 (Software Engineer) from my current and previous company. Does the text/description look satisfactory/acceptable for this job code?

Current Company:
Positions Held:
Senior Manager (XXX – Ongoing)

Roles and Responsibilities

• Analyse business processes, design the process flow/implementation and lead
the actual robotic process automation (RPA) delivery

• Extensive hands on development on C# WinForms applications and libraries, and WCF/REST services

• Advanced knowledge of Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD)
and the ability to understand and utilize design patterns in C#

• Design flexible, modular and reusable code using Object Oriented Programming
in C# .Net and also OpenSpan Pega Robotics which can be consumed across all
RPA solutions

• Perform code reviews and conduct C# interviews


Roles and Responsibilities-
• Create the actual software robotic process/ automation

• Familiarity with Application Lifecycle Management tools like Git/Stash, JIRA,
Train, Jenkins

• Unit Testing the developed component before releasing for Quality Assurance Tests

• Troubleshoot and fix application bugs

• Perform Regression Testing and Infrastructure setup for robot run
in QA, UAT, Prod environments

Previous Company:
Positions Held:

Roles and Responsibilities
• Understand/Incorporate Agile methodology and ceremonies as part of
Software Development Lifecycle

• Took the PEGA System Architect Certification and conducted PEGA training for the rest
of the team

• Led the development team and was the Scrum Master for 3 Sprints

• Led the Performance tuning team which included LINQ and SQL optimizations
with brilliant outcomes in production environment and reduction in Application
and DB CPU usage

• Software development using ASP.Net MVC, WCF, REST API, Entity Framework,

Business Technology Analyst
Roles and Responsibilities
• Understanding business requirements in order to effectively plan
and design functionalities (using Sequence Diagrams) and finally develop code

• Development and maintenance of high quality software programs in C# .Net,
Microsoft ASP.Net MVC, WCF, REST API, Entity Framework, HTML, CSS, JQuery, SQL

• Usage of Design patterns to ensure dynamic, scalable, reusable C# code

• Writing complex stored procedures and performance optimization using SQL

• Unit Testing the developed component before releasing for Quality Assurance Tests

• Troubleshoot and fix application bugs and smoke testing


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I went through the description but that one has got to do more with management and less of hands-on. Also, that one is for electronics/network engineers. And it also says in the exclusions that all computer engineers (except for software engineers). Although I have shown lead responsibilities, it is with hands-on in software programming languages/technologies.


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I actually want to apply under 2173. Just wondering if the places where I have written "led the team" are going to cause confusion? But I actually was doing hand-on too with a lead role.
And 2173 also has this point-
  • May lead and co-ordinate teams of information systems professionals in the development of software and integrated information systems, process control software and other embedded software control systems.

Riley Haas

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You should definitely apply with the one you think fits you best. If you are worried about any confusion, you could provide additional information matching your actual activities with descriptions from the NOC.


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Thank you so much..I am worried as I don't want to mess up due to these roles. But also want to avoid reaching back to the HRs If possible.
I was also thinking I could have a short LOE stating that -
1. although some of the pointers in the last position held in both the companies talk about "leading", that was in addition to me coding/programming alongwith my juniors.
2. Just some additional responsibilities due to my technical expertise that led to my promotion.
3. These were not managerial positions as I just have 7 yrs of work exp. and such positions are usually offered to people with 10-15 yrs of work experience.
Hope this sounds good?


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Hi, I am also an RPA Developer. So please let me know if you have gone with 2173 NOC and is there any difficulty that you’ve faced regarding this. Thank you