Notice of Assessment or Proof of income statement option c


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I recently started a job in Canada in December, which means I do not have a NOA or Proof of income statement option C from CRA. I do not want to wait to apply for my wifes sponsorship. Please let me know if I should submit my application with an employment letter, pay stubs and an explanation as to why I do not have a NOA or Proof of income statement option C, because I just arrived to Canada.

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Riley Haas

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I am just the webmaster so do not take my word for it but my understanding is that, with sponsorship applications, they regularly ask for follow up documents. I assume that the worst thing that would happen with this application (provided you both otherwise qualify) is that they would ask you for for NOA later on during the process. But you should probably talk to an RCIC or a lawyer before going forward, especially if you know for sure you will not get a NOA until 2020 (for the 2019 tax year) and you will not have it if/when they request it. (The alternative is to wait until you have it, of course.)