Old passport on my work permit


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At a real loss and need some help....
So I applied for my 2 year working holiday visa to canada autumn 2018 when my name was Bridget Gallagher and it was approved. Later that year me and my husband got married so I changed my passport to match my husbands name. We were assured that if I took my old passport with us and our marriage certificate on entry then it wouldn’t be a problem.
On entering the immigration desk at the airport in Canada the officer raised this as being an issue, explaining that they couldn’t update my new passport to match my work permit. He did however grant my work permit linked to my old passport. He told us to ring the CIC number to rectify the issue and update my details. We cannot get through to this number and I am worried that this will cause issues setting up bank account/employment. My old passport also expires 7 months before our 2 years is up so ideally we want my work permit to match my new passport.....any ideas?

Riley Haas

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1-888-242-2100? Yes, they never have enough staff.

I'm not sure if someone at the call centre is allowed to update your passport details, though. Have you tried going to your online profile?

I'm just the forum admin, but you might need to apply for an extension rather than just update it. Sorry I cannot better answer your question. A consultant or a lawyer would know. (Also, if you ever get through to the call centre, one thing they could tell you is whether or not you can update it.)