Open Work Permit or Visitors Visa?


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Here is my situation: I have been in Canada for two years with a Study Permit & Student Visa (1 year ESL course and 1 year postgraduate program at college). While I was studying we have applied for my wife visitors visa to visit me, but she was denied 4 times with only one reason: - Family ties in Canada and country of residence. Even she has a permanent job there and we submitted letter that she has vacation only for that period and she is supposed to return to work after her vacation. Also we have shown enough money, apartment, relatives in our country, two ways tickets, salary, police records, travel history, that she visited different countries before, but only once she had shengen visa, etc.
Also, we have applied for PR (express entry) - can it be somehow related for the rejection?

So, now I have completed the program and waiting 1 year PGWP. I already have a job and will get a full-time job offer after receiving my PGWP. Since I have decided to stay here (because of good job that I have), I need to bring my wife here for the time I am eligible to stay here.
What options can you suggest on how to get my wife here?
What is better chance to get Visitors Visa and that apply for her OWP from here or apply for OPW right away?

Thank you!!!

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I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

To answer your first question, it shouldn't affect your PR application, as you don't need to prove ties. But this is a question that a consultant or lawyer should answer.

If she can get a job offer, that's probably the better option since she's been rejected so many times for the visitor visa. An open work permit is unlikely too, I think, given the rejections she's received. But you might want to talk to a consultant about this. Hope this helps.


Riley Haas

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We wrote an article a few years ago about some of the options: