Permanent Resident Status Query


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My Parents are US citizens and they have been living in US until now. They did however had Canadian immigration which expired in March 2019 since We didn't renew the PR card.They have been coming to visit me couple of times a year for few weeks on their American passport. My parents have decided to move in with me which mean they would be moving to Canada. Can someone please clarify what their immigration status is and if it is possible to renew it and if so when can we do it. Reading on some forums, I feel if they stay 2 years than they would be again eligible for PR renewal but I am not completely sure.
They have Ontario health card active currently so I presume if they stay here for at least 3 months then can continue to be use the health coverage.


Riley Haas

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So their PR status didn't expire, just their PR cards.

You are correct, if they stay in Canada for two years, they will then be able to apply for new PR Cards though it will likely take some time. (If they wait 3 years, they will likely have a faster renewal process.)

As long as they can enter successfully, they can stat in Canada for 2-3 years and renew their PR Cards.