Points for relative in Canada


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I applied in the express entry pool and stated my brother in law as my relative in Canada. I have been sent an invitation to apply and though I filled my wife and son in the application I am not going with them.

I am intending to sponsor them to join me. I am only going without them because my wife has to round up a professional program next year. I am just worried I may not be allowed to claim the 15 points for her brother as my relative in Canada if she will not be coming immediately with me.
Please do you have any verified information about this as putting together the documentation for the application is quite expensive and I'll be heartbroken if I am denied on the grounds that the 15 points were retracted.

Thanks and I eagerly await any advise on the matter.

Riley Haas

Staff member
I'm not 100% sure, but my guess would be you are not entitled to the points. However, these are Express Entry points, right? Your application is going to be assess on a different point scale, the one for Federal Skilled Workers and, in that scale, it's only 5 points (out of 100).