Police certificates

Would like to clarify the question about Police certificate.
It was mentioned in a checklist. I live in Canada for 5 years and have a current work permit for 2 years. Do I still have to submit a Police certificate from my country?
And I don't quite understand what Consent form is and do I really need it. My country is on the list for a Police certificate thou

Some countries need a consent form from IRCC to issue a police certificate. Find out if the country from which you need a police certificate requires a consent form. If required, you should submit the consent form to us in place of the police certificate. We’ll assess the consent form and start the police certificate request.

You (the principal applicant), and any family members 18 or older (who are not already Canadian citizens or permanent residents), must submit police certificates from the following country or countries with your application:

  • The country where you (or they) currently live, if you have lived there for six months or more.
  • The country where you (or they) have spent most of your (their) life since the age of 18.
Thank you