PR applications sent cannot confirmed if it was received or not.


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Hello, I have sent the application to renew my mom's card over a month ago and when I check the "application status" it tells me that the application does not exit. I have tried to call the Immigration but I am getting disconnected every time. How long does it take for the application to be entered to the system so I could check it on line the status. I know it will take around 140 to process but I just want to make sure it has been received.

Thank you


When IRCC get's an application it could sit in the mailroom for the majority of the processing time. IRCC's mailroom is like a big black hole with no tracking at all. Check a few times a month. Right now it's taking 137 days, I would assume it will pop up on the system between day 70 to 100, but it's just an educated guess.