PR Card renewal - Not meeting residency Obligation.


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I am a Canadian PR and my PR card will expire soon. I am currently in the USA, and I'm receiving medical training in Psychiatry. Prior to starting training, I received permission from Health Canada in writing (Statement of Needs) to come to the US and complete my training. I have also submitted a written authorization to Health Canada that I'll return to Canada after completing my training (I have all paper works). I'm on a J1 visa here in the USA which clearly states that after completing I have to return to my home country and this is Canada in my case. My son is also a Canadian citizen and my wife applied for Canadian citizen but her application is under process and delayed due to COVID. My questions are:

Since I have not meet residency obligation, what are my chances to get my PR renewed based on compassionate ground (I have taken permission from Health Canada and I have a letter), After completing my training I have to return to my home country as it's clearly written on my J1 visa, also my son is a Canadian citizen and if Canada denies my PR renewal it will significantly affect his wellbeing. Please let me know what are my chance to get approved. Also, I have a home in Canada and therefore can I apply for renewal while I'm in the USA or come to Canada and apply as my PR has not expired yet?

Thanks for your help and answer/recommendations.

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This is a very good question.

Do you know how many days off you are from the residency obligation right now? How many will you be off by the time your training completes?