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Hello guys,
I'm an Australian citizen living with my BF through whom I got my PR in first place. I'll start gathering all the docs required to apply for PR renewal while outside Canada, which as far as I understand should be fine. My questions are, where will they be delivering the PR card once it gets approved? Presumably to an IRCC office that I choose? Whenever entering Canada to pick it up do I have to apply for PRTD or can I just enter with my Australian passport?

I really appreciate your help



You cannot (well, should not) apply for a PR Card from outside of Canada. You have to return to Canada to apply. People do this but they're not supposed to.

Before the introduction of the eTA, you could just come here on your passport and get the card at the address it was sent to (provided you have one). But you now need an eTA to travel to Canada (and during the pandemic you're not likely to get one until the border re-opens). More and more people in your situation are having their eTA applications rejected because the government knows they are PRs. (You cannot be both a visitor and a PR at the same time.)

So, you should apply for a PRTD and return to Canada to apply for your PR Card. (Of course, if you do not meet the residency requirement, my advice would be different.)


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Hi George,

Thanks for reply. Do you know until how long after the expiry date of the PR Card I can apply for the PRTD? With the current border restrictions, quarantine requirement, and difficulty to get flights, flying to Canada and back would be very hard this year. Assuming that my PR Card expires in the next couple of months, how much time after expiry do I have to apply for the PRTD and return to Canada?


Riley Haas

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So things are complicated by the pandemic, as you point out.

Under normal circumstances, it's not so much when your PR Card expires as whether or not you meet the residency requirement. If you easily the meet the residency requirement (2 years out of every 5 lived in Canada) then it doesn't matter that your PR card has expired, even if it expired months ago. However, if you don't meet the residency requirement (or, if your card is still valid, you cannot be expected to before it expires) then this is a big red flag and your status could be investigated or revoked.

However, IRCC understands that right now is exceptional. So the question is: would you have met the residency requirement had you returned to Canada before the border restrictions began? I should point out I'm not 100% sure this is how they're evaluating PRTDs at the moment, but I've read a few things that strongly suggest that, if you were on pace to meet the residence requirement before the border restrictions, but were prevented from traveling, then you are still okay. Don't take my word for, it though.

Does this make sense?


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My husband has a Canadian PR Card that expired while we were in Brazil because our flights got cancelled and extended our stay by 3 months. The VAC was open at that time so he sent in his application, passport and documents by mail to apply for the PRTD. They received it but during the processing the city went into lockdown and the VAC's closed in March. The city has since reopened at the beginning of April but the VAC's and the Canadian Consulate are closed and keep extending their closures weekly. He now has no way of applying by email because he doesn't have his passport. Does anyone know what we can do?