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I have 6 years of full-time work experience; 1 year was a fellowship, and 5 years I worked as a Contractor, at the same place- hired by different companies/institutions, but same workspace. In addition to the 6 years of full-time work ex, I have also have entered 4 years of part-time work experience as a Graduate Teaching Assistant ( while studying and before I started full-time), at 2 different universities, in my pre-ITA form.
1) Do I have to provide proof of income from both the employers; the 1 year fellowship + 5 years contractual work?
2) Do I have to submit proof of income for the part-time positions at the universities?
3) I hear the CIC officers are interested in only last 3 years of work ex. Is this correct?
4) I don't wish to disclose my immigration plans to my current employer. Do I need a proof of income from this employer as well? I have not officially declared this position in my pre-ITA phase of applications, but post-ITA, I would like it to be known on my application.
5) If proof of income is unavailable from an employer, could tax returns and/or pay stubs be submitted instead of POI? Would they provide as sufficient evidence for POI?

Thank you for your time with my queries.

Riley Haas

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Let me try to answer your questions. Keep in mind I am just the forum admin and not an RCIC.
  1. I believe you need to show proof of income for the fellowship so that it will qualify as work experience.
  2. Yes, that would be the best thing to do
  3. Well, yes, they are evaluating the last three years in terms of your occupation. But you get FSW points for the number of years you worked. If you want the points for all 6 years, you will want to prove that you have that work experience. Always err on the side of too much proof.
  4. You will at some point.
  5. Yes, I believe they can be. But this is really a question for an RCIC or a lawyer.
Sorry I can't be more definitive.