Proofs of relationship


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I am an applicant inland sponsorship, I am curious that all of my receipts about the wedding party, jewelry and hotel which are in another language, could be translated by myself or I need to ask for a translation authority to do that .
Type of evidence that is acceptable for applicant inland sponsorship are generally in English attached with a original proof from native language

SpouseDocumentary evidence should include:
  • a completed Relationship Information and Sponsorship Evaluation questionnaire (IMM 5532) (included in the application package)
  • a marriage certificate
  • proof of registration of marriage with a government (local, provincial, state or country) authority
  • proof of divorce if either the applicant or spouse was previously married
  • if the principal applicant and sponsor have children in common, long-form birth certificates or adoption records listing the names of both parents
  • wedding invitations and photos
  • a sponsor and principal applicant are expected to provide items from at least two of the following sets of documents. If they are unable to provide documents from a minimum of two of the following sets of documents, a detailed written explanation must be provided:
    • proof of joint ownership of residential property.
    • rental agreement showing both the sponsor and principal applicant as occupants of a rental property
    • proof of joint utility accounts (e.g. electricity, gas, telephone, internet), joint credit card accounts, or joint bank accounts
    • vehicle insurance showing that both the principal applicant and sponsor have been declared to the insurance company as residents of the insured’s address
    • copies of government issued documents for the principal applicant and sponsor showing the same address (e.g.: driver’s licenses)
    • other documents issued to the principal applicant and sponsor showing the same address, whether the accounts are held jointly or not (e.g. cell phone bills, pay stubs, tax forms, bank or credit card statements, insurance policies)