Question about inland sponsorship


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Hello there. I am an international student and my visa will expire on Feb 2021. However, I have met and been living with my canadian boyfriend for more than half a year already and we are getting married this August. We already know that we have to apply for spousal visa after so we can stay together as we really cant be separated. However, it will take about a year to get it all processed and approved if lucky enough, am i allowed to stay if my visa expires during the process? or i have to leave the country by the certain expiration date? i have read mixed thoughts so I really want it to be clear. I hope i get a reply , Thank you so much

Riley Haas

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There is no spousal visa.

You need to marry before Feb 2021 so you can submit the sponsorship application before then. Provided you submit the sponsorship application prior to the date of your study permit's expiry you can remain in Canada. (If you and your future husband want to travel outside of Canada during the application's processing - provided you can do so due to the pandemic - you will need a visitor visa.)

Make sense?