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I just saw a post that has me a little confused. I am a Canadian citizen living in Canada living in Canada, married with my wife living in the Philippines.

I am about to send in the completed sponsorship application to sponsor my wife Outbound.

As I am retired with a pretty good income and assuming my portion of the sponsorship application is approved, I would like to spend at least part of the time living with my wife in the Philippines as we wait for her approval. Why not, nothing else to do :)

My concern is that my application NOT be considered as me applying from out opf Canada.. or am I being confused with this issue ?

thanking you

Paul ;D

Riley Haas

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Hi Paul,
If you go visit your wife after you apply from within Canada (still "outland" as she isn't in Canada), there is no issue.
There also shouldn't be an issue if you submit the application from the Philippines with proof of your ties to Canada (property etc.).
We would recommend the former simply because you live here, and if you submit from here, you do not have to prove that you live here. If you submit from the Philippines, you will have to prove your ties. (Again, both applications are "outland" because the sponsored spouse is not in Canada.)
Does this answer your question?