Schedule A – Background/Declaration (IMM 5669) question 10 --- need clarification

can anybody tell me how to fill question 10 where they are asking to give information about last 10 years residential address. does that include visiting some relative in another country for few days or 2 months even?

please clarify


Riley Haas

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It means your permanent residence. For example, if you visited your family for 2 months, did you change your mailing address while you visited them? If so, then you should include this address too.
thank you so much
what about the section 9 in schedule A background/declaraion (IMM 5669). do we need to write all activity.
for example my mom dad have history of travel more than 70 times in last 10 years as a vacation not as an occupation. do i need to mention all these


Riley Haas

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Hi again,
I believe so, if the travel is international. But keep in mind I am just the webmaster and not a consultant so I don't know for sure.