Should I change the old address on my Passport?


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I received my ITA two days back.
My permanent address was the same for 10+ years. But last year, we sold that house and I moved to another house in the same area (zip/pin code) and none of my documents have the new address updated.

Based on what I read online and friend's experience, PCC is issued immediately at the Passport Centre on the day of the appointment.
So I think I should get PCC based on the old address in the passport.

However, what should I add to the address history???
1. Should I add new permanent address? But will this lead to rejection as passport has old address? OR
2. Should I not mention the new address at all? Are background checks performed on current address, if the address is uniform throughout job/education/passport documents? OR
3. Should I initiate change of address proof - Aadhar card (might take 30 days), then update address on Passport (10 days) and then get the PCC done?
Post address change, PCC will require police verification and they might visit the new address so even PCC won't be issue immediately. OR

Please help.

Riley Haas

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You should use your current address. If you're concerned it will be a problem given the passport address just add an explanation to your application saying you moved.