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First of all, I am in Canada just waiting for my work permit (my wife is taking a PostGraduate Certificate and I applied for a Spousal Work Permit). I am Civil Engineer but My experience is in the Oil and Gas Industry in Logistics and as a Onshore Rig Mover Coordinator (10 years overall) but I know will be very hard to me to find the same position that I had in Venezuela and Brazil because almost all people that immigrate to Canada need to start from zero to get experience and then find a good Job Position again. I have no problem to do that, so I am planning to find a job as Motorhand in an Onshore Rig (this position is included in the Saskatchewan Skilled Trade Provincial Program), maybe there are more positions availbales for this program that I can apply. On the other hand I was checking the Alberta Provincial Nominee Program and they also are looking for people to work in the Oil & Gas industry, even in the Skill Level C (NOC-2011) because most of the Skilled Worker Program are under Skill A, B or 0. My question is comparing between the 2 programs which one will be the most effective and faster program to get my nominee.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Riley Haas

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That I cannot answer, but Anthony Doherty can probably help you out. Why not send him a message?