Sponsoring an Iranian with the intention of getting married


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I am writing to you to seek some guidance on an immigration matter.

I am (Age 56) and I am a Canadian Citizen. I have been widowed for the past 4 years.

I have met an Iranian Citizen (age 41), who is legally divorced.

She is currently living in Iran with her two children ages 12 and 18. She has full custody of the children.

Myself, I have 3 adult children and I am living in my own house with 2 of my children, the other one is married and lives on her own. I am currently employed and have been employed for the past 36 years.

My question is how can I sponsor this woman to come to Canada either as a visitor or as my future intended wife.

I want to be honest with immigration, as I do plan to marry this woman and have her live with me as my new wife.

I also would like her two children to come to Canada also to live with us. I am not sure what is the age limit for sponsoring the children or whether both mother and children can be sponsored at the same time.

I would like to get married to her here in Canada. How long will the sponsorship take and can she marry me while on a visitor visa in Canada and stay here while I sponsor her.

We are also planning to meet in Istanbul sometime next year, to plan our future and work out all of the details about immigration etc.

Looking forward to a reply

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You need to marry before you sponsor her. You can only sponsor someone you are married to, or you have lived with in a common-law relationship for at least a year, or you are prevented from marrying due to some extraordinary circumstance.

If you want to marry here, she'll need a visa. But you could also marry in Iran, in Istanbul, where have you, if she can't get a visa.

You can sponsor the children too though once the eldest turns 21 they will be ineligible.

Does that help?


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thanks, yes it does help, as we are planning to meet in Istanbul next year we were also think how to get married there. We plan to stay there for two weeks. she is worried that coming from Iran it will be difficult to get a visitor visa to come to Canada, since things are so difficult over there any advise on how to go about getting married in Istanbul
she is also worried that her ex husband if he finds out could stop the children from coming to Canada cause the law there is different

Riley Haas

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The only way she can find out whether or not she can get a visa to Canada is to apply for one. You'll need to supply her with an invitation letter. She'll need to prove that she is returning to Iran after he trip to Canada, which may be difficult.

I found this: http://www.allaboutturkey.com/marriage_foreigners.htm. I don't know whether or not it's reliable.

If the husband tries to prevent the kids from coming, she'll still have to get medical exams for them so that they can be sponsored at a later date. (Can he even prevent the 18-year-old from coming???) If she can't get those, she'll have to prove he is denying her access to the children.