Sponsoring my Husband


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Hello, Im a Canadian citizen and my husband is Australian. We have a son together who is also a Canadian Citizen. I am putting together the paperwork (I'm 95% finished) needed but a little confused on a few things....I the sponsor have to fill out forms 1344, 5481 and 5540? As for my husband 0008, 5669, 5406 and 5490? Is that correct? I have two "Checklists" and they say differently. Also what do I do with the form 5481 if I am a stay at home mom. My husband brings in the income.

Thank you

Riley Haas

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If the forms are on the checklist, you have to fill them out (unless they give only specific instances when you have to fill them out). There may be duplicate forms on both lists and you don't need to submit duplicates.

As a stay-at-home mother, I believe you should just write a letter explaining that provided your husband is working legally here.