Spousal PR &Work Permit application


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I am a British Citizen and entered Canada on a work permit (IEC) in 2019 which was valid until Feb 2021. I got married in October 2020 in Canada to my Fiance who is a Canadian Citizen. I applied for my spousal PR & work permit in Dec 2020. However in June 2021, my application was sent back by IRCC stating my marriage certificate provided was not in the correct format. I immidiately fixed it and re-sent my spousal pr & work permit back to IRCC. Few weeks later after submitting i spoke to an IRCC agent and i learnt my implied status was no longer valid and i had to immidiately stop working. July 2021 i stopped working and applied for a status restoration.
Its now Sept, i have not heard anything about my status restoration, or even AOR for my PR/work permit application. I have no job nothing, its difficult to be jobless in this time.
My Father in the UK has a surgery on24th Sept and i need to travel to see him.
While my application is in process, i have a few questions:

- i have written a letter and posted to IRCC explaining my cirmcumstance under which I need to travel to see my dad to support him post operation. Can i travel without an issue?

- when am i likely to get my status restoration ( ie my work permit) so i can continue to start working.

Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your time.

Riley Haas

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Do you have a valid visitor visa? If you do, you can travel to visit your father. If your fiancé can travel with you, that's better.

I'm sorry to say I have no idea what the real timelines are currently like for status restoration. You might want to speak to a consultant about this. If you spoke to someone at IRCC's call centre...well, they're not supposed to give you advice. Did they just tell you your implied status had ceased?


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Hi Riley,
Thank you for your response. My husband unfortunately wont be able to accompany me as his work is extremely busy for the next 3months which he is unable to leave.
Since my application was sent back IRCC said my implied status had finished and i cannot work anymore.

I have a British passport and have a valid ETA to enter Canada.
Hopefully this should be an issue and would not affect my Spousal PR application in process.