Spousal Sponsorhip - Tourist after getting the "File Number"


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I just want to ask if my wife received the "file number" after we submit the documents to sydney, and will apply her to visit me here in Canada.

1.Will there will be any complications on the on-going Sponsorship?
2. If she managed to received a temporary visa as tourist, will we be able to apply for "open permit" while she's in Canada?
3. If the sponsorship succeeded, embassy in which she resides will ask for her passport to have the immigrant visa, can we just call CIC and tell them that she is in Canada and just continue to processing here?
4.Does she needs to leave Canada if that happens?


Riley Haas

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So she's applying for a visa now after you submitted the sponsorship?

I'm confused, but let me try to answer your questions:
[list type=decimal]
[*]Because of the visa application? No, there shouldn't be.
[*]No, the open work permit is for "inland" sponsorships not outland. It sounds like you submitted an outland application.
[*]To my knowledge, no, you cannot do this. But you should speak to a consultant or CIC rather than listen to me.
[*]To my knowledge, she needs to be in her home country when the application is approved but, again, that's something you need to ask either CIC or a consulant.
Sorry I can't be more helpful.