Spousal sponsorship processing times

Sam Brown

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Hi everyone!

I am applying for Common-Law sponsorship (inland) and an open work permit. I sent off the application June 4th,2018 via Fedex express and got confirmation from Fedex on June 5th stating it was received. I have yet to receive any information from CIC stating they have received my application.

So my questions are what are the normal processing times for this application? Should i receive confirmation from CIC that they have it? Is there a way I can contact them to see if they are looking at it?

In the application I included an Open work Permit application. My current visa ends September 10th,2018. What happens if I don't hear back in time? I need an answer on the work permit before my visa expires or I cannot work anymore or I am issued "implied status"?

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Riley Haas

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The Acknowledge of Receipt (AOR) takes a lot longer than a few weeks, in most cases. It's closer to a month or more.

The average processing time is 12 months. However, there is wide variation. We suggest https://myimmitracker.com as a way of seeing tracking times.

You should have an online account where you can track the progress of your application.

If you haven't received a decision on your work permit application by the date your current work permit expires, you cannot work but you can still remain in Canada. Implied status is for renewals; so it's a different type of work permit application.

Hope this helps,

When I create an account for submitting Spouse Sponsoring ( inland), there are parts to fill up for both( me and my partner). Who is supposed to open this profile- me or my partner? Do we have to submit all docs in one application? Thank you
Regarding to Sponsorship Agreement and Undertaking form, whos supposed to be a co-signer for my partner( sponsor)?, cuz in co-signer eligibility assessment my answer "No" to question 'Are you a Canadian citizen or permanent resident?' doesn't let me be a co-signer.

Riley Haas

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I'm just the webmaster and have never submitted an application myself, so I can't answer the question about the profile. Is this about IRCC or myimmitracker, anyway?

The co-signer is if your sponsor is unsure they have enough money to sponsor you. It should be a relative if applicable.


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If it helps, my inland Spouse Sponsored app was sent off May 1st, 2018, noted as 'received' May 5th, and my sponsor received an email back-dated acknowledged receipt in late June/July. We received the request for medical Oct 9th 2018.