Spouse immigration in Canada


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Hello All,

I have applied for in class Canada spouse immigration in June 6. I live in Canada. and This month I am going to be eligible for EXPRESS ENTRY system also.
The think is I am waiting for immigration very long through spouse sponsorship.

In order to get PR early should I cancel the IN_CLASS Spouse Canada immigration and should apply under Express entry

Riley Haas

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Are you in the Express Entry pool? Even if you are already, if you haven't received an Invitation to Apply (ITA) yet, it will take six months to process your application, once you have submitted it after your ITA. So processing time for Express Entry = unknown amount of time in pool before ITA + time it takes you to complete your FSW/FST/CEC application + at least six months for processing. That could be quite awhile. Whereas, your spousal sponsorship application should be processed by June, i.e. 5 months from now. Provided nothing goes wrong with your spousal sponsorship application, my guess is it will be processed before your application submitted through Express Entry.

However, you can still apply for both. When you become a permanent resident the other application will be dropped.