Statutory Declaration of Common Law Union

Arturo Arellano

New Member
My Common-Law Partner and I are applying for a visa. We are asked to fill the Statuary Declaration of Common-Law Union. I have several questions regarding this form.

The first is on point 5 of the form, SOLEMN DECLARATION. It requires a firm of a person who administered the declaration, can that be done by a notary public from my country?, in this case, Mexico. Or should it be signed by a Canadian notary public on the embassy? (They are not providing these services due to coronavirus).

The second is on the proof of relationship. In the form, they ask what documentary evidence indicates my relationship as common-law partners. I have documents issued to the same address, photos, tickets for vacation trips, and letters from my family. Besides this, I have a signed residential lease. I am paying for a certified translation of all these documents since they are in Spanish. To upload them in the online application do I need to put the form and all the documents together in a PDF document?

Riley Haas

Staff member
To the first question, I believe it can be handled by a Notary in Mexico provided they are duly appointed.

To the second question, I'm sorry to say I've never used the portal but I assume pdf or doc. Does it not say the file type?