Study Permit Holder Spouse (under Work Permit) traveling before main applicant


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Dear users,

My wife and I applied for a Study Permit and Work Permit (as a dependant) respectively at the same time, we have 2 kids, they applied for study permit as well. My question is simple, may I travel before her to Canada (7 to 10 days before) in order to find a house and to buy some things my family might need when they arrive?
In 2019 I applied for a study permit, and she was granted with an open work permit, but that opportunity I was the main applicant so I traveled first without issues.

Thanks in advance


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Thanks for your answer, I got the same comment from a Migration Agent few days ago, however, I read from a social network group some answers for me same question, and the are people who said it is risky because there were cases of people being sent back.

Any comment?


I don't know, it really depends on how old the forum thread, who is it by, and it is just one person saying this or a lot people.