TRV - Spouse Sponsorship


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I'm on process of getting my PR through the Spouse sponsorship. First phase at Mississauga has been approved, and now the application is being sending to Brazil, since I chose overseas.
I'm currently living in Toronto, under the student visa status. My study permit still valid till Dec 2015, however my TRV is already expired. I'm currently not in school at the moment. I have plans to go to USA in a couple months and I would like to know if I would have any issue coming back to Canada, in fact of I'm not attending school and I have the on going spouse sponsorship process.


Riley Haas

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Unfortunately, it sounds like you are violating the terms of your study permit, which means essentially that it is no longer valid. If you leave Canada, it's likely you will not be granted entry again without getting a new visa. Getting a new visa in this situation might be problematic. If your visa expired within the last 90 days, you can apply for a new one from within Canada.