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Hi, I am Prashant Luthra from Oman. I current am in the possession of a student permit for the University of New Brunswick. But due to a pending PR my Visa had got delayed due to which I missed the fall intake and hence was deferred to January intake. Meanwhile, I changed my mind and intend to go to British Columbia due to the better weather conditions and also hold an offer letter from Simon Fraser University in Surrey campus. I would like to know what is the formal procedure to inform the Canadian immigration about my intention to switch universities(as my current student visa states that I will be studying in University of New Brunswick)and if it was possible and how long would it take to process the change if so...
A university transfer program, broadly speaking, is when a student begins studying at one institution and finishes at another.

One thing you should pay attention to if you’re transferring schools or programs is your study permit validity period. When they’re issued, study permits are generally valid for the same time period as the program you’re enrolled in. If the program you’re transferring into is going to take longer than the time your permit is valid for, you can apply for an extension.

Transfer applicants are evaluated on both completed post-secondary coursework & high school results.
They must meet the same admission requirements, including English Language Proficiency, subject requirements and competitive admission requirements (see Admission Requirements).

Note: Some faculties, particularly the Faculty of Engineering and specialized professional programs in the Health Sciences and Law, have very restricted opportunities for transfer or transfer credit.

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I don't personally know what the processing time is, but you may need to apply for an extension as part of this, as John noted.


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Hi John and Riley,
Thank you very much for the prompt and informative reply..
I wanted to clarify the point that I have NOT begun my semester in a university as I have missed the date to report at the University for the fall term(September) due to the delay in my Visa because of which the University of New Brunswick deferred my intake to Winter term(January) and hence I'm still at my home place. I have received my student visa successfully a few days back. Although according to my Visa details, I'm supposed to have been studying in the University of New Brunswick, but as I mentioned, I presently intend to study in Simon Fraser University (due to the more comfortable weather conditions in British Columbia) where I would begin my studies from the first semester as a fresher, and I already hold the offer letter from Simon Fraser university.
Therefore could you please suggest the formal procedure required to apply for the switch between universities for the Canadian immigration as my student Visa was issued for University of New Brunswick.