Urgent PR Card Renewal and PRTD

1. I am in Liberia, I had a family emergency to attend which is the death of my grandmother who raised me. I was focus on getting my citizenship so I didn’t bother with the renewal of my PR card few months to the expiration but before leaving for Liberia 0ct 6,2020 I did applied for urgent processing for the renewal of my PR card and it has been a month already I haven’t received it yet.

2. I still left for Liberia because this woman meant the world to me and it is because of her I am a better person in society therefore, I felt the need to pay my last respect. When I arrived to Liberia I did put in for PRTD to return to Canada after the funeral. I did my application online and send it along with every necessary supporting documents that was required by email ([email protected]) because there’s no VAC in here Liberia and it has been two weeks I haven’t received anything yet so please is there a contact information to reach out? because after sending in my UCI number based on their request, I still haven’t received anything yet.