US Citizen with expired PR card


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So I have been a PR in Canada since June 30th, 2013... I meet all the requirements for PR renewal and have submitted my application. Unfortunately there was a delay bcs of issues with photographs but I'm still waiting for my new card to come in.
I have to travel to Chicago for a day on Feb. 23rd (I can not postpone it) question is
AS a US Citizen can I fly back to Canada with an expired PR card?
Im reading online that its the airlines that want to make sure you have a valid travel document (in my case my US passport). In the past the airline employees check passports before boarding the flight, and I always show my PR card at immigration.
I know i can drive back...but do you guys think its risky to fly back? would I be in some sort of legal trouble if I do?


Riley Haas

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The airline may let you on the plane. It's entirely up to them. US citizens do not need eTAs or visas to fly to Canada, so you can probably get away with it.