wanting to move my family to Canada.

philippe 12436

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Hi all I need some assistance. I am a married man with a wife and 2 kids. I am 34 yrs old and my wife is 36 years old. My son is 3 and a half and my daughter is newly born. I have a british passport as well as lebanese and my wife has a lebanese passport. My kids have both nationalities. I current have 10 yrs management and hotel experience and my wife has worked in school. We are currently living in Lebanon.

I have a marketing degree from the UK and a MBA from Lebanon. My wife also has a bachelor in french and an mba from lebanon.

Lebanon is currently is a deep political and banking crises with people unable to withdraw money from their own accounts. Now I know to migrate to Canada as a family you need atleast 19000 usd to immigrate. However as of 2 years i have withdrawn all my money and am not willing to put it in the bank for fear of being unable to withdraw anything or losing it if the banking system fails. I do have 2 houses registered in my name ( will that help) which i rent.

So now that my situation is a bit clearer please advise me what is the best option and which province in canada is best suited to my situation

Riley Haas

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Can you not open a bank in another country?

You should create an express entry profile to see how many points you have. If you have 470 or more, you can hope to get an ITA for the federal skilled worker program. If you have fewer, you'll have to start looking at the provincial programs.