was Baker a good idea or how to stay in Canada?


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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and glad to find a place where people with common will to stay in Canada can share their stories and help others to succeed.

Let me quickly describe my story here:

I came to Canada in 2008 at the age of 17. Studied in College for a Business Administration program. Graduated December 2011.
After that I had worked at the Belgian Waffle restaurant on the kitchen. Was hoping to apply as a Cook, but just prior to filing application in November, 2013, it got cancelled.
So I applied as a Baker in February, 2014. Since the restaurant's primary dish is a baked good (a waffle), I thought that it should be ok. However, I did not complete any Baking courses at all. But there was no choice.
CIC received my application two moths ago and said it was complete.

But now I started to worry about it, since the government doesn't seem to like applicants from the Food Service industries. That LMO moratorium, cancellation of Cooks, etc.

So I'm Looking for other options to stay in Canada. Instead of just waiting and hoping that miracle will happen and application will get approved, I'd like to take some action. My best guess is to move from Ontario to the other province and apply under PNP.

So, I have:
-no experience related to my Business studies
-2 years experience as a Cook, 22 years old
-willing to move anywhere (even the coldest part of Canada) to get the PR and stay in this wonderful country
-have funds to take additional education (including University) to enhance my Business education or to completely change the field of studies if required to get a job in the industry that Canada needs.
-post-graduate work permit expires in March 2015

I looked over all the PNP's , but got really confused with so much information.

Can anybody please tell me what my real best options are? And I mean, even the most crazy options. Clock is ticking..

I would really appreciate any help and advice!

Riley Haas

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Hi there,
From what it sounds like, you will not meet the requirements for CEC and your application will likely be rejected.

There are "semi-skilled" avenues through a couple of Provincial Nominee Programs out west, such as in Alberta and BC.
See http://www.immigroup.com/semi-skilled-worker-immigration-alberta. You should look into these programs or seriously consider going back to school in a province which has a favourable graduate immigration stream. See http://www.immigroup.com/graduates-canadian-universities-provincial-nominee-programs.

What province are you living in right now?

We offer consultations for $84.75 including HST which may help you decide what your best route is. If you are interested, you can contact us at [email protected] or 416-962-2623.