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Hello, I'm looking for advice on submitting inland vs. outland spousal sponsorship PR application for our specific situation. My wife is a Canadian citizen, I'm an American citizen, we've been married for over 8 years, living in the US together during that time. She has her PR status in the US, but we'd like to move back to Canada to be closer to her family and start our own. I'd like to get my Canadian citizenship once I qualify.

Our main decision at this point is whether to apply from outland, knowing there's probably an enormous queue of applicants backlogged, or apply from inland where the queue may be smaller, but applications are all physical rather than digitized (presumably making remote processing more difficult for at home workers).

It's important that I'm able to work as quickly as possible, and I have health considerations that make me very nervous to go for too long without coverage.

Ideally we'd love to move up with some of our belongings, rent a house while we find a place to purchase, submit from inland, live off of savings for 6 months or so until AoR is received and a temporary work permit is granted, then be able to work while the rest of my application is being processed.

Knowing that nobody is hearing much of anything from IRCC about processing since March, we're worried that it could be closer to a year before receiving AoR/Temp Work permit. Thus setting up the gambit of:

Option 1) Apply from outland, knowing it will likely be a year or much more to get a work permit and qualify for health coverage

Option 2) Apply from inland: Head to CA for October 1st with dual intent of not staying past my 6 month travel visa, but of applying for inland spousal PR. This would potentially get me a work permit sooner than the outland process, and have a shorter lapse in health coverage, but only if the AoR process picks up it's processing rate. I also understand that the dual intent route may be tricky, or at least has been in the past.

Currently it seems like folks that submitted in March via inland, still haven't received an AoR, so there's obviously going to be a delay over the typical 2-4 month timeline, but without any idea of how long that delay is, it makes it pretty impossible to pick the best route forward for us.

I'd really appreciate any advice from folks with insight. Thank you!

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It's a tough call. Under normal circumstances my answer would be "You're American, do Inland". But these are not normal circumstances, as you know.

Outland is probably safer given your concerns. But, just so you know, there's no work permit in the outland process. You just have to wait until you are approved. Work permit applications can be submitted as part of the inland process.