What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of PNP for BC and Ontario?


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I want to understand the advantages and disadvantages of opting for PNP for BC and Ontario.
I have heard that these two province have higher cut off rates. My CRS score is 455. Someone suggested me to opt for PNP, but I think my scores are not high to clear the requirements for these two province.
I'm a Marketing analyst and also have banking experience and the NOC codes I can apply are NOC 1123, NOC 6235, NOC 6231, NOC 4163.
What are the chances that I might get a call for BC or Ontario with these scores and in these NOC?

Riley Haas

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The problem for comparison is that they use different scores. So, for example, BC's score refers to their own internal score: https://www.welcomebc.ca/Immigrate-to-B-C/B-C-Provincial-Nominee-Program/Invitations-to-Apply

Ontario's is much clearer https://www.ontario.ca/page/oinp-express-entry-notifications-interest as they are referring to the CRS score.

You can make yourself eligible to many provinces when you submit a profile.

You can only have one NOC. Hopefully it's the right NOC that got you that score of 455.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you're eligible under the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program's point system https://www.immigroup.com/federal-skilled-worker OR eligible under a PNP program which is exempt from that requirement (those ones are usually regionally oriented). It's confusing, but your application is normally assessed under the FSW point scale (out of 100) and the CRS score is actually just used to send out ITAs.

Nobody can give you the chances. It's dynamic: new candidates are in the pool every day, also with PNPs there can be other considerations than just CRS score (whereas with the federal programs, as long as you qualify for said program, the CRS score is what matters to get an ITA).