Which application to use for TRP ??? - Temporary Resident PERMIT


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I'm a little confused by some of the information on your page. I'm trying to help my friend complete a Temporary Resident Permit for travel to Canada. Your site says that a Criminal Rehabilitation application can be filled out if the box "for information only" is checked. It hasn't been 5 years yet since the offense occurred... so, he'd be ineligible for CR. But, on this page (http://www.immigroup.com/news/border-crossing-dos-and-donts) there's a link to download application packet for the Temporary Resident Permit, and when I click to download the application it gives me an application for a Temporary Resident Visa. I'm confused now on which application to use... Please help.

Thank you.

Riley Haas

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In order to get a TRP you do need to complete the Criminal Rehab forms and selection information only. My apologies on that package. It shouldn't be there. I'm removing it.