Who should be the main applicant for canada immigration


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Hello Everyone,

I would like to apply for Canadian immigration with my family. Here, I am bit confused who should be main applicant for the immigration process. Please find below details:

My Profile:

: 31 years and 5 months.
Qualification: Bachelors in Telecommunication Engineering (4 Years program).
Work Experience: 5 Years, Occupation: Security Analyst.

My Spouse Profile:

: 30 Years.
Qualification: Bachelors in Architecture Engineering (5 Years Program)
Work Experience : 2 Years as a "Architect engineer" and 1.5 years as a "Art Teacher in University"

Please suggest should I consider her as a main Applicant OR Should I create two profiles for immigration process.

Also, please share some recommended sites for "How to apply for Canadian immigration step by step"

Riley Haas

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Both of you should create Express Entry profiles as the primary applicants. See who has the most points and then you can make further decisions, such as whether or not the primary applicant should pursue job offers.