Work experience alternative


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I want to apply for the federal skilled trades program as chef/cook/server, I had a tourist visa, I went to Canada and I was refused to entry to Canada as tourist a week ago, does this affect the process? also I have 1700 hours of internships from my university in different restaurants and hotels, I did not get any payment from this since it was an agreement in order to get work experience, can it count like work experience for this program, even though I didn't get money from this I have papers that prove I was working as any worker in all those companies.
I need some help with this please!

Riley Haas

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Internships cannot count as work experience, sorry. For Skilled Trades or Skilled Worker, you can only count work experience earned after you got your "credentials". Any idea what your NOC Code is? If not, what's your specific occupation? Is it a chef or is it something else?