Work permit processing time in COVID situation


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My employer and lawyer filed Work Permit after getting LMIA approval on June 1st week and they said i will receive by June 3rd week, since its a special process and will take only two weeks, and it has been ever since, almost 4 months, no results yet !
Frankly, i don't even think my company will wait for it to hire me.


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I am waiting for my SOWP applied from US. processing time is 10 weeks on CIC site. Applied on Aug21, biometric Sep 4. Based on your experience, how much time I need to wait. For me 6 weeks are gone and I have to wait 4 more weeks.


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How many days is it taking to process work permit in covid situation? What is the fastest way to immigrate Canada if we have job offer?
Hey, If you have a job offer & you want to immigrate to Canada in the fastest way then you can apply for an express entry visa. this is the fastest way to Immigrate to Canada in a short time.