Working after graduation?


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Can a student keep working part time after graduation if they have a valid study permit, were admitted to a new program of study at the same university at the same level (graduate) and are going to start it in say two, or three months? On IRCC's website they seem to say you can but I would like confirmation of this. Also, when was this rule introduced? (that you can work after graduation if you will start a new program of study within 150 days).


Riley Haas

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Hi Alid,
I'm sorry to say I've never heard of this, but I am just the forum admin, not a consultant. You may want to speak to one of them.

But if you can link to what you found on IRCC's website, I can take a look at it and offer an opinion.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.
Hello, I would like to clarify a number of hours grad has to work full-time in order to apply for PR after, Is it 30 hours or 40 per week? Thank you