Working as a Freelancer on open work permit


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My wife is currently studying in Canada and hence I will be eligible to apply for a open work permit.

With that in mind I have a couple of queries and hoping to get some clarity on the below.

1) Can I work as a freelancer/employee for a company that's based outside of Canada?
2) If the above is possible, will my experience working as a freelancer in Canada be counted during my PR application as experience within Canada?

Any help in understanding the above would be really helpful

Riley Haas

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Hi there, let me try to answer your questions:
  1. I believe you can't, but I'm not 100% sure. If this was a "closed" work permit the answer would be "absolutely not" but I'm not sure given that this is an open work permit. I still think it's highly unlikely. You should speak to a consultant or a lawyer. Immigroup can help if you like.
  2. This I'm more sure of: working for a non-Canadian employer in Canada is not what the government has in mind as "Canadian work experience." Again, I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure. (Again, speaking to a consultant or lawyer will get this question answered. Make sure they deal with work permits.)
Sorry about that.