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My spouse is in Canada on a work permit and I hold a dependent visa (visitor). I applied for open work permit in March 2020 and the last update I received on my application was in May, confirming the status of my medical examination.

If I travel to Canada when the travel restrictions are lifted, what will be the process to get my open work permit if my application is approved while I'm in Canada?
Riley Haas
Riley Haas
It depends how you applied. They may request your passport by mail, but that request will likely come from the visa office where your application was submitted (i.e. outside of Canada). They may also just require you to visit an IRCC office.
i am from Nigeria and i want to know if the Manitoba strategic initiative scheme is still available and if by any means the Manitoba province has came to Nigeria seeking for workers
Hi, I have an offer for Meng Program from a University. My timeline is

2017 - Graduated
2018 Feb to 2019 Feb (Job in an IT company)
2019(March) - 2020 (June) (Online courses through Coursera)

I would like to know whether my study visa will get visa get rejected due to gaps in education without employment if so how can I convince the visa officer regarding the gaps in education. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Riley Haas
Riley Haas
I'm sorry to say I think that's a question for a consultant (RCIC) or a lawyer. I think you're going to have to make a convincing case you will return home when your permit expires.
Thanks for answering. I guess I will have to prepare a good statement of purpose explaining what I was doing during the gap and also as you have said convince the visa officer that I will leave Canada once I am done with the Master's program.
HI I am trying for immigration to Canada. I have filed EOI for Manitoba PNP. Can anyone help me get "Manitoba Demand points" by getting me an invitation under strategic initiative. I have skills in "In Demand Occupation", HR Manager. Thanks !
Riley Haas
Riley Haas
It's a pretty bad time to be looking for a job in Canada, due to the pandemic. You should check out both private job boards and the national one (Job Bank).
Sure ! Thanks for the help.

The advantage with CANADA is .... that if you have a job in hand PR is so easy and also that just because you are at a foreign land doesn't mean that hiring you is like hiring an expat.
Is any job that you ( not a person authorised to work in Canada ) get has to be LIMA + than only you get Work permit?
Can you skip the step of getting the Work permit and straight away get PR after you get a JOB?
Hey guys, My wife is sponsoring me and my application is in process and want to add my children who currently lives in Nigeria. Does my wife require any certain amount of money in her Account?
Riley Haas
Riley Haas
I responded to your other post
Hi... M trying to do eca through ices.. I have a doubt regarding document submission.. What all documents should be sent through the university and what all should be sent by myself...??
Riley Haas
Riley Haas
If the document is produced by the university, they need to send it.
You always get a strange feeling when you are about to leave a place, like you’ll not miss the people you love but you’ll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you’ll never be this way ever again
Loving life is a bit easy especially when you are abroad. Where no one knows you and you hold life in your hands all alone, you are more master of yourself than at any other time
My brother has been offered a job letter but I don't know how genuine it is to check for it genuineness.?

John Immanuel
Hello Rajani

Well, it is difficult to say if the offer letter is genuine or not from just looking at the offer letter or an email conversation.
a. Research the Job and the Company. Visit the company's website & if they don't have one or it doesn't fit with how they describe, consider its red flag.
b. Use Google to get Job Details
I would request to visit for further information.
Hi there everyone, my brother has been able to score CRS 460 in the Express Entry Pool, any chances that the remaining draws about 4-5 for the remaining part of the year, could reach to this cut off level
John Immanuel
In all likelihood, 2019 will be another great year in the history of Express Entry system, with higher immigration targets set by Canada this year. CRS cut-off threshold is also likely to come down further this year. The CRS cut-off score had shot up from 450 to 470 during the period between May 1 and May 29. Yeah you can still be optimistic about your chances in 2019.
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i am charitha , from Sri Lanka, i want to know about canadaian express entry. i have MA degree in Public diplomacy my highest eductation and i hv 4 years experience in Hospitality Industry as Guest Relation , and i am 29 years of age. i would like to immigrate to Canada ..please help me as i need to know ECA and to evaluate my education WES as well
John Immanuel
For immigration to Canada, you should choose an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). An ECA is required to apply to certain IRCC programs. World Education Services (WES) is designated by IRCC to provide ECAs for degrees earned outside of Canada.

With a WES ECA you can:
Meet IRCC ECA requirements.
Gain recognition for your education so you can pursue goals in Canada.

Your WES ECA is valid for 5 years.