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Is there any way he can call back and get the information while saying he's marrying a Canadian national? They may have a totally different set of procedures.

Hi Riley

Thanks for your answer
We've called the embassy in Thailand several times that they know our case.

We called the one in Turkey once and they said the same thing
But I'm afraid that as soon as we go there, we say I'm a Canadian citizen, as soon as they put my name into their system they will find out I'm also Iranian and they will refuse

Thai Marriage / canadian citizen marrying iranian national in thailand
« on: January 17, 2018, 03:57:07 PM »

have any canadian citizens with a dual (iranian and canadian) citizenship gotten married to an iranian national in Thailand?

i am a female with a dual iranian and canadian citizen living in canada.
i am going to marry my boyfriend in thailand who has an iranian passport and resides in iran.

we would like to know the best way to get the document that proves that we are single and can marry from our respective embassies.

i will get mine from the canadian embassy in thailand.

as for my boyfriend, we called the iranian embassy in thailand, we've called them and they asked if he is marrying an iranian national. as soon as he said yes, they asked if its my first time getting married and if so they would require a letter from my father's consent.

we are trying to obtain the permission to marry document without them asking about my iranian nationality and without my father's consent.  has anyone ever completed this process? can you please guide me?


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