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Thank you for your response.  I'm now wondering if I declare to Revenue Canada that I reside in Canada again as  of  xxx date, living with a friend, would that be proof enough?  It would put me back on the taxpayer list!  Many people don't own property and lots of them are retired too, so there must be some way to do this.......

I didn't think we could just move there first.  We can't just appear at the border with all our belongings and risk being refused entry. 

Edited to clarify:  just looking back on my initial post, I realize I may not have been clear.  If I move back to Canada, with my belongings, and move in with a friend taking a Canadian address and changing all my correspondence to that Canadian address, does that not show proof that I will live in Canada?  If I make that move in advance, I would go ahead and get a Canadian phone plan and switch all my business to Canadian banking, etc.  I would just be coming back to the US for extended visits with my husband. 

Hello!  Hoping you can help point me in the right direction.  I am a Canadian citizen who has been living in the US for 13 years since marrying an American citizen.  I did receive American citizenship several years ago as well.   My husband has now retired and I want to move back to Canada and sponsor him.  From the reading I've done, it appears it would be best if I moved back to Canada first but that would be difficult as we cannot afford to maintain 2 separate homes while the application is processed.  Would it work if I moved in with a friend back in Canada rather than renting someplace?  And if I did that, would I be able to come back down to the US and be with him for the bulk of the application processing time?  Or is there a time requirement that must be spent in Canada?  If I sponsor him from here, I don't know how I could prove intent to move back once approval is received unless the fact that my entire family still lives in Canada helps?  Really looking for the best way to go about this and any information would be greatly appreciated!

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