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    PR application query

    My PR application is being processed and based on the tracker on CIC, I will not receive the decision until July 2020. My english exam result will expire in June and my work permit will expire in July. My questions are, do I need to redo my english exam even though it expired be a month before I...
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    LMIA exempt

    Hello, does anyone have a link that gives you a list of the specific jobs that are LMIA exempt in Manitoba? I can't seem to find a specific list on cic website
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    Long term, full time job offer for nominee program

    Hello, Can anyone tell me if a permanent, long term, part time job offer still qualifies for this section of the application? The reason is, my job is part time and on the offer the hours are a little less than 30 hours a week but I do work more than 30 hours a week because of extra shifts...
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    MPNP proof of hours for ITA

    If you're invited to apply through the nominee program, for proof of hours, does anyone know if immigration asks for proof of weekly hours or will they accept your hours for the entire year/ 6 mths? For example, if you stated you have worked full time for 6 mths, will they request proof of 30...
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    Can I flagpole for PR status without having a confirmation of PR?

    I am currently living in Canada and just received my PGWP, I also have an express entry profile but am not confident I will get an invitation to apply for PR because the points are high and continues to increase. Would I be able to flagpole at the border for my PR or do I at least have to have...