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  1. prisha

    PRTD application

    Meaning someone with only 4 months as a PR. Residency obligation do not apply. Immigration office should be able to confirm the duration of pr by just checking the passport and copr? i am aware of the document requirement but not sure why it says proof of residency for someone less than 5 years...
  2. prisha

    PRTD application

    Hello Everyone i just received PR status 4 month ago have not received pr card yet. i am outside canada right now need to apply PRTD it says copies of document to meet residency obligation. what document do i need its very confusing as i am only pr since last 4 month and i am outside canada...
  3. prisha

    PR card in process not received yet. I have my COPR. can i travel to canada using USA green card

    Hello Everyone, my PR card is in process . i have COPR. can i travel to canada using USA green card? Any information would be very helpful. Thank you!