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  1. Emily_Seeger

    My college added 3 more courses by their own at the end of my studies

    Having more courses added to your study schedule without warning can be annoying, especially if it affects your application for a work permit and graduation.
  2. Emily_Seeger

    Work permit to study permit change

    Congratulations on receiving your study permit! It's important to ensure all your documents and information are up to date. Remember to keep your documents organized and updated to avoid any issues with your immigration status. It's always a good idea to seek advice from an immigration...
  3. Emily_Seeger

    Level of Education for Express Entry

    When adding your educational qualifications to your Express Entry profile, you should indicate the precise number of years each of your certificates reflects. If you have a 4-year bachelor's degree and a 6-month post-graduate certificate, put "4" for the bachelor's degree and "0.5" for the...
  4. Emily_Seeger

    How to find what my education and work experience are equal to in canada ?

    Thank you so much for your advice! I had the same question. Does the request have to be submitted before entering the country or can it be done afterwards? Does it make a difference and is it relevant today?
  5. Emily_Seeger

    Living/Studying/Working in Canada from US (with boyfriend)

    Thanks for the advice! I'm also faced with this question, only I also want to go to a Canadian college. Is there any advice for those who go there to study but are going to live there after graduation? I would be very grateful for any information. I wish the author good luck and let your life in...